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1 Peter 4:18 18 Now “If the righteous one is scarcely saved, Where will the ungodly and the sinner appear?”

The above verse comes from the apostle Peter, and many believe he was quoting from Pro 11:31. Even though the verses are not exactly consistent with each other they are close enough to perhaps reflect a quote. And perhaps the difference in wording may be attributed to Peter quoting from the Septuagint Greek translation that the Jews used in the first century, and most of our English translations of the OT are from the Hebrew Bible as is highlighted in many OT quotes. Often the wording reflected differences, though they did say the same thing. I am not necessarily convinced Peter was speaking to how the Lord’s people will be “barely” saved as much as he was speaking to the surety of our judgment and accordingly reward, for His people will be saved through Christ and His sacrifice when considered with our submission to the Lord in all things. Whereas, those who are not His people do not have Christ as their Mediator and Savior, and they will face God with their sin on their souls. And the Lord will indeed judge all the living and the dead.

With this said, consider what should our attitudes be? Consider 2 complete opposite examples of men, and consider what their attitudes were toward the Lord and their “confidence” at the Judgment.

Consider first the Pharisee as taught in Christ’s parable in Lk 18:9-14. (Yes, I know the Pharisee was a subject of a parable and probably was not a real specific person, but he did symbolize many of the Pharisees and their attitudes of religious arrogance.) Consider his words and his attitude as he prayed “with himself”. He had complete confidence of his standing before His Creator. Unfortunately his confidence was not in the Lord and His Mercy, but his confidence was in himself and his own perceived “righteousness”. He surely felt he would be welcomed with open arms by the Lord at the judgment. However his religious arrogance was misleading, and unless he repented before he died he would not be saved. Perhaps much to his own surprise!

Now consider another man as he seemed to be preparing for his final days or even hours on this earth, the apostle Paul. Consider Paul’s final words in 2 Tim 4:6-8 as well as his attitude throughout the remainder of his life following his conversion in cts 9. Yes, Paul was also confident with his impending judgment before His God, but there was a crucial difference. Paul’s confidence was not in Himself. His confidence was in Christ’s and His crucifixion and His mercy and grace! Paul’s confidence was certainly not in his own righteousness, even though he did have righteousness through his faith and obedience to the Lord. THAT is a big difference then that of the Pharisee!

How will we as christians fare at the Judgment? If our confidence is in ourselves we will not do so good. However, if our confidence is in Christ and His Cross and His mercy and grace we will be just fine. How “scarcely” will you be saved?.

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