Church of Christ - 106 SW Murray Rd. Lee's Summit, MO 64081


First Quarter 2012 (February, March, April)

13 Wednesdays
Topic – Strengthening the Church at Home



February 1st

How should we deal with problems in the Home:
Anger, Finances, Teaching, Conflicts, Morals, Manners,
Politics, and Current Social Issues?
Rick Sparks
Smart Road, Missouri


February 8th

What is God’s definition of a Godly home? Rick Sparks
Smart Road, Missouri


February 15th

How do we teach our children to have a passion to serve
God? What is the Church’s responsibility in the spiritual
teaching of our children?
Rick Sparks
Smart Road, Missouri


February 22nd

Traveling and attending services: Do we change our pattern
of worship, when we travel by worshipping we churches we
would not meet with at home? Does this impact my family’s
view of worshipping God?
Rick Sparks
Smart Road, Missouri


February 29th

Are Hospitality and Charity a salvation requirement? Give a
biblical definition of charity. Does charity, only within the
family, count?
Rick Sparks
Smart Road, Missouri



March 7th

The Ride Home from services – my thoughts, judgments,
Doug Twaddell
Beloit, Kansas


March 14th

Is a Family Bible Study a must? How can it impact the
child’s spiritual growth or not? What if I, the parent, do not
feel I have the skill or the interest in doing this?
Doug Twaddell
Beloit, Kansas


March 21st

What comes first? Choosing a college or choosing a
congregation with a college nearby. What spiritual issues
should be factors in finding a job?
Doug Twaddell
Beloit, Kansas


March 28th

In the home, who legislates modesty? Father, mother, child,
God? What is modesty, burka?
Doug Twaddell
Beloit, Kansas


April 4th

How do we raise a Godly body part to serve in the Lord’s
church (Romans 12, I. Cor. 12). How do we involve our
family in all aspects of the church?
Wade Stanley
Smart Road, Missouri

April 11th

Relations between: Fathers and Children (Eph. 6:1-4,
Col. 3:20-21)
Husbands and wives, their friends, activities, work.
Is it right to promote, support, or be included in religious
groups that our children have chosen to believe and practice?
Charles Ross
, Missouri

April 18th

When activities conflict with service time, how should we
handle the situation? When we have company in our homes
and it is time to leave for services, what should we do?
Mary, Martha
Louis Garbi
Eldon, Missouri

April 25th

When I, as a parent, “crack open the door” to tolerance for
sin, what results can we expect?
Louis Garbi
Eldon, Missouri